Monday, August 3, 2009

Hello and a lovely Monday morning to you all. This past weekend was my birthday weekend and it was a lovely one. My mom, myself, and Siena all went to Mount Charleston for a little picnic on Friday and it was just soooo nice to get away from the heat and the city. I know it makes Siena soo happy, but I think it really changes my outlook as well. I mean I'm nervous still about a lot of things, like is Siena going to take a fall off some rocks or get poison ivy or am I going to have to haul my mom up somewhere because she slipped, but I feel more relaxed in nature....hmmmm, maybe I should become a wilderness woman fighting off bears and such...nah, too adventurous for me. Anyhoo, Saturday strolls along(my birthday) and Siena goes to Lola's house and Sean(the husband) takes me for a yummy breakfast then a peek at Barnes & Noble, then to see the movie "Funny People"(which was hilarious by the way...why is it soo funny for men to talk about their penises???), then we came home and showered and then went out for martinis at this really cute place. It was eventful and thoughtful, Sean thought of it all, except the movies. And that is exactly what I be thought of like the day you were born, so special, even for just a moment. Next year I think I want a listening, Sean? PARTY! Start planning now. Then Sunday, we had a lovely little BBQ at a friends house to top it all off! Nice right?

What else, what else, oh yeah...I finally found some work. woo hoo! They want me to paint their WHOLE house, yessiree bob, can't wait. I need to dust the cobwebs off my painting arms. Here are some photos of the weekend. Hopefully, by the end of this week, I will have pictures of some of the things I'm am working on....till then...:)

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